This year Nigel Tye will be competing in various sprints & hill climb events, in the
above car, a Westfield SE powered by a Vauxhall 16 valve engine with twin DCOE
Weber carbs, 0-60 time around 4 seconds, 0-100 approx 9 seconds!
For anyone interested I will try to update this page after events completed. Click
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1st. event was North Weald sprint on 20th. March 2005.

This event went well, it stayed dry, although the circuit was very slippery, the car
performed well and for my first outing I was very pleased that my times improved
throughout the day, no silverware though! The time I aimed for, seemed impossible
to me, but was achieved on the last run (7 secs quicker-which is a lot!), so I came
home a happy chap.

Unfortunately, not having a lot of success with bookings, have now had 3 applications
returned due to the events being oversubscribed! It appears that many
championships get invited and to the current popularity of this "grass roots" form of
motorsport, there seems to be far more competitors than places

Sunday 26th. May Harewood hill climb near Leeds, is a Westfield club event, I will
be taking 5 runs up the hill, this is a non-timed, non-competitive event just for fun,
although I have booked a sprint at this venue for the 10th. July, so it should be
good practice for the real thing!
Yes it was a fantastic day & lovely venue, I certainly needed the practice as the
first run resulted in this embarrassing "off". My sister Kerry is in the passenger

June 18/19th. brings the annual pilgrimage to Le Mans for the famous 24 hour
race, which is always a superb event, I will be celebrating my 39th. birthday whilst
there, so the beer will be flowing!!

Taking the motorhome, so  won't be roughing it too much!

Got back safely, had a superb time, Le-Mans has such a unique atmosphere, I would
recommend it to anyone whether a race fan or not, definitely going again next year!

June 26th.
Had a great weekend at Curborough, very tricky little circuit, my times were not
great, however well done to the organisers for a terrific event.

10th. July  Harewood Hill Climb in West Yorkshire, it was a gorgeous hot (too hot)
day, my times were dissapointing, still too slow, but steadily improving, but then on
my second timed run, disaster struck, the gear lever broke off in my hand!
After attempts to carry out a bodge repair, I decided reluctantly to retire the car
and return home. Some people were not so lucky and suffered  accident damage to
their cars and one serious fire! (Pics on whatnonegatives website. link at top of

Saturday 23rd. July will be trying again at Llandow sprint course near Swansea,
hope to gain more speed on this one....
Oh dear, still not enough speed, need to work on car to obtain more power, having
said that though it was a superb days sport and a good wide track to enjoy.

September 3rd./4th. will be a sprint at the Anglesey circuit (TY-Croes), often seen
as a test track on the motoring program Fifth Gear. The circuit looks very
picturesque as it is on top of the cliffs looking out over the sea. I have made a few
mods to the Westie and hope to be able to wring out a bit more power this time!....

FANTASTIC!! The only word I can use to describe the Anglesey circuit, plus
beautiful scenery. The sprint consisted of one & three quarter laps of the circuit,
just under 2 miles of total exhilaration!
I was still off the pace, however it was down to me and not the cars' fault, which
behaved perfectly, however on every run I was able to beat my previous time by
about 2 seconds. The last run on Sunday was wet, so times were down, plus I had a
minor "off" which was quickly recovered. All in all, a superb two days sprinting.

Next event will be Loton Park on Saturday 1st. October, I am told it is more
hillclimb than sprint, with banking to both sides, so it will be important to stay on
Oh dear! Great location, wonderful hill, good car, rubbish driver!
1st. practice managed to get up hill to the last bend and oops nearly ended up in
the tyre wall, 2nd practice, made it to third corner (which I forgot was there!) and
ended up with a high speed spin onto the right hand side of track, back across the
track, more grass and backwards down a bank into a soft landing of ferns! Luckily
missed anything hard and no damage done.
Both timed runs went without a hitch although too slow, however I felt if more runs
had been available I could have improved my times.

Thats my first season with the Westfield Speed Series done now, and I must say
what a great time I have had, as the season has progressed I have got to know
quite a few of the Westie crowd, and I would like to thank them for their help &
Roll on 2006 season!

Postscript: A trophy was won after all for 4th. in class, so well chuffed!
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Westfield Speed Series 2005