Westfield Speed Series 2007
14th April, first sprint of the season was at 3 sisters circuit near Wigan, enjoyed it
thoroughly, but my times were consistent but again too slow! Couldn't pinpoint
whether the problem was me or the car, things can only get better.....

13th. May, will be at Shelsley Walsh hillclimb which I thoroughly enjoyed last year,
hoping to better last years times, if not, I may as well give up!

I'll get my coat!! Torrential rain all day, spoilt the trip to Shelsley, I did  2 practice
runs, which I hated, decided not to bother going for the afternoon timed runs,
walked up the hill to watch the brave souls that did take part. I think its safe to say
I am a fair weather motor racer! (coward).

17th. June, had an enjoyable time at Harewood Hillclimb, alas no awards, but very
consistent times which makes me think its the car not me afterall!?

21st & 22nd July, Llandow sprint and Llys-y-fran hillclimb, two of my favourite
events, didn't happen for me as I got stuck in the now infamous M5 floods in
Worcestershire with no chance of making it to Wales with all the roads closed.  I
spent 20 hours in the Transit van cab having achieved nothing, very dissapointed!

Curborough circuit in August, 2 good practice runs, then the heavens opened!
First timed run, I spun off on the first corner, second timed run spun one lap in!

This year has been a total disaster with regard to the Motor Sport, I probably will
give next year a miss to pursue a new hobby, I have bought a small sea fishing boat
in Hartlepool Marina which I intend to enjoy................
.......jump to 2009, still no motorsport, too expensive and I have found with the boating if the
weather is poor, I just don't go, simple as!

To be truthful I have booked a track day at Silverstone so will still enjoy the car, however in
January this year I decided to sell trusty old Phoenix above, and purchase the boat of my
dreams, a 6 berth Bayliner Flybridge cruiser called Evenstar pictured below, she has a 300hp
4.2 litre turbo diesel engine and is a true power boat, I had her transported by road from
Southampton up to Hartlepool Marina where she now resides. I will keep this page up to date
for those interested with pictures etc
My Mother, Sister and Aunt enjoying breakfast on board Evenstar
Marina neighbours and friends